Hopelessness is defined as: a feeling of hopelessness and negative thoughts about the future.  Life is full of “ups and downs” and that is usually acceptable as long as there are more “ups” than “downs.”  Unfortunately, life is not predictable and if you are facing a time in your life where everything seems to be falling apart, it does not take much to lose hope, which often leads to despair.  Being hopeful means to have faith and having faith means that you know things will turn out well even if you have no evidence that it will. Hopelessness on the other hand is one of the most difficult feelings anyone can live through.  Many people experience this emotion after a crisis such as death, a loss of a job, or at the end of a relationship.  They do not see a way out of their situation and the feeling of anguish undermines the ability to heal.  Hopeless feelings confirm a person’s worse fears about themselves and their lives and it is the leading cause of the tragedy of suicide.

Hopelessness can be far more destructive than facing defeat or failure.  When you are attempting to accomplish your goals and you fail to achieve them, as long as you still have hope you will keep trying.  When you feel hopeless however, you give up on your dreams and after going through one failure after another, the feeling of hopelessness will set in because there seems to be no way out.  One of the main reasons people fail to achieve success is because of the obstacles they encounter.  When you attempt to accomplish something where there is a chance of failure, you are pursuing something worthwhile however and as long as you believe that the goal is within your reach, you have a chance.  Feelings of hopelessness will usually occur when you have experienced defeat because after failing so many times, it can seem there is no point to continue because the thought of failing again is unacceptable.

Hopelessness is just another word for giving up or surrendering and it is easy to be hopeful when you are beginning to pursue your dreams or even after you have experienced a few setbacks.  After many however, hope starts to get difficult and hopelessness is an easy emotion to experience because giving up is easy.  The people who keep going and never allow themselves to lose hope are the people who achieve their goals and dreams in life.

An example of the difference between hopelessness and hopefulness is a story about two mice that fell into a bucket of milk.   After struggling for a long time, one mouse told the other one that it was hopeless for them to escape because the sides were too tall for them to jump out.  Soon, that mouse gave up and drowned but the other mouse was determined to keep swimming as long as he had the strength to do so.  Swimming became harder as the milk turned to cream but he kept paddling and eventually the cream turned to butter and the mouse was able to jump out of the pail.

The way to overcome hopelessness is to not give up but sometimes this is not possible without help.  Deedra B. Hunter, M.S., LMHC is a licensed mental health counselor and mindful life coach serving Orlando, Winter Park, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Altamonte Springs, Central Florida, and beyond. From her office, Sparrow Lane Counseling and Coaching, Deedra has helped many people for over thirty years find themselves again after they reached a point in their life where they felt all hope was lost.  Deedra is a non-traditional life coach who emphasizes the use of the powerful Mindfulness System which is a successful and unique approach for people who want to penetrate the root cause of their suffering by getting beyond their past, conditioned beliefs, and habitual concepts.  She has worked effectively with many individuals and based on some of her own personal experiences, she has the talent, skill, and ability to help you transcend your life from one of suffering to lasting inner peace and contentment.

Mindfulness meditation is strongly evidence-based and you can greatly benefit from mindfulness if you commit to the concept through practice.  Research has proven that mindful meditation has a calming effect on the emotional centers of your brain.  Mindfulness has been shown to prevent major depression relapse, aid anxiety disorders such as hopelessness, manage chronic and acute pain, increase t-cells, increase your brain’s gray matter, and decrease binge eating and other destructive behaviors.  When many people seek help through counseling, they are engaged in an internal war that consists of fighting with thoughts feelings and body sensations. Mindfulness teaches you to eliminate the fight within yourself by surrendering the problems that feed your pain and suffering.  This is accomplished through compassion and love rather than the hatred and anger one normally feels when faced with a traumatic situation.

Life can take many unexpected turns and the hopelessness that follows can be an overwhelming and powerful emotion.  It often prevents people from moving on because they feel stuck, unable to take positive steps forward.  If that sounds like something you are currently experiencing, please know that you can move from hopelessness to hope by calling Sparrow Lane Counseling and Coaching today.  Deedra Hunter cares about your situation because she recognizes that crushing hopelessness paralyzes many people in the world allowing resulting fear to take over their lives.  You may be struggling from financial, health, or family issues threatening your well-being, home, and livelihood because hopelessness has no limits or boundaries.  Hopelessness seeks to attack us from within but with Deedra Hunter by your side, you are never alone no matter how lonely and hopeless you feel.

Hopelessness forces you to question not only yourself but those around you while mindfulness entails concentrated awareness of one’s thoughts, actions, and motivations.  Mindfulness involves continually bringing your awareness back into the present moment because by residing more frequently in the present, you can begin to see that your mind is continually filled with commentary and self-judgment.  When you notice what your mind is truly capable of offering, you will gain the ability to observe your thoughts and to see them for what they are without hopelessness, fear, or judgment.

There are a large number of emotional feelings that are very common parts of a condition that affects an endless amount of individuals around the world commonly known as depression.  Depression is a problem that affects not only the adult group of people; it can also affect children, teenagers, and the elderly generation as well.  One of the common symptoms that individuals experience when they suffer from depression is often an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness.  When depression and hopelessness are feelings that people experience over a long period of time, they will often start withdrawing from society by avoiding any type of social event.  Having depression can cause a person that would normally gain enjoyment from various activities to suddenly lose interest in everyone and everything around them.

If you feel you are experiencing hopelessness or depression or for more information about any problem you feel you may have, call Sparrow Lane Counseling and Coaching today and let Deedra show you how to find happiness and live the life you were meant to live.  By calling Sparrow Lane Counseling and Coaching and allowing us to set up a consultation with Deedra, you will learn how to practice mindfulness and realize that “thoughts are just thoughts.”  By empowering yourself, you are free to let your thoughts go because they no longer reflect reality or truth.